Swedish real estate company Atrium Ljungberg has announced that Stockholm Wood City, the world’s largest urban construction project in wood is to be built. Work on the Wood City will start in 2025 with the first buildings ready by 2027.


Stockholm Wood City will offer 7,000 office spaces and 2,000 homes in Sickla, located in the southern parts of the capital city of Stockholm.


The project will create a dynamic urban setting with a mix of workplaces, housing, restaurants, and shops.


Buildings contribute up to 40 per cent of global CO2 emissions and the real estate industry plays a vital role in driving the shift towards sustainability. This project showcases the potential of renewable building materials.

Working with wood can reduce the climate impact of buildings by up to 50% while significantly decreasing construction time. Also being a renewable and locally sourced material, wood offers immense possibilities for sustainable urbanisation and development. Research studies indicate that wooden buildings enhance air quality, reduce stress, increase productivity, and store carbon dioxide over their lifespan.

There are other benefits too. It will relieve the shortage of workplaces and reduce commuting times.

Are there any other wood buildings in Sweden?

Sweden is already home to one of the tallest wood buildings in the world in the northern city of Skellefteå unveiled Sara Cultural Center and The Wood Hotel in 2021, one of the tallest timber buildings in the world standing at over 260 feet tall. 

Stay in a wood building in Sweden

Bergaliv @martinedstrom

Bergaliv Lofthusen

Nestled on the picturesque hillside of Åsberget Mountain, the unique hotel Bergaliv offers not only a place to stay but also a stunning vista point for the breathtaking landscapes and skies of northern Sweden.

Bergaliv Lofthusen features three rooms stacked on top of each other on an abandoned ski slope, creating a distinct architectural marvel.

The nature room is closest to the ground, followed by the living area, which is the only heated space, and finally, the vista point at the top. Each morning, guests can indulge in a delicious breakfast featuring bread from a local baker.

Orbaden Spa

Just down the hill is Orbaden Spa offering a range of treatments, including saunas, mineral-salt baths, and heated outdoor and indoor pools. In recognition of its innovative design, Bergaliv Lofthusen was nominated for the prestigious Swedish Wood Award in 2020.

The Wood Hotel

Combining nature and innovation, The Wood Hotel, housed in one the world’s tallest wood buildings Sara Cultural Center, showcases the best of Scandinavian design. Constructed with locally sourced wood, the hotel emphasises sustainability and takes responsibility for both guests and the planet. The Wood Hotel offers an impressive panoramic view of Skellefteå and boasts 205 modern rooms and suites, three restaurants, bars, as well as a rooftop spa. The interior draws inspiration from the cosy atmosphere of a mountain cabin and the timeless craft tradition.

Arctic Bath

For an extraordinary stay, Arctic Bath offers a floating hotel experience inspired by the logging era when rivers were used to transport timber.

The main building resembles a log jam, and the construction utilises local materials with minimal environmental impact. The hotel consists of 12 rooms, six of which are floating cabins near the water’s edge, accessible via a foot bridge.

These cabins provide private access and feature outside wooden decks, perfect for basking under summer´s midnight sun or marvelling at the northern lights.

The remaining six cabins are elevated on the tree-lined shore, with three accommodating up to five guests and three luxurious suites designed for two people. Each room at Arctic Bath is thoughtfully designed with comfort and luxury in mind, incorporating elements of the surrounding nature.

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