Punta Cana

When choosing your next holiday in the sun destination, you should consider the often overlooked easternmost province of the Dominican Republic – Punta Cana.

It’s wide pristine beaches are lapped by both the gorgeous Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Add the lively nightlife and vast nature reserves, year-round sunshine the word is getting out that Punta Cana a trending hot spot in the Caribbean.

Even if you are staying at an all-inclusive resort such as Club Med, Punta Cana all inclusive, tourism is important to the 50,000 locals of Punta Cana and so exploring should be very much on the agenda.

Here’s our pick of the top 10 things to see and do in the region, many of which are water based:

Cocktails and Catamaran Tour


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Familiarise yourself with the stunning surroundings of Punta Cana on a sailing trip aboard a catamaran, a multi-hulled boat known for its stability. You’ll be in small groups of up to 16 members so it’s never too crowded.

Sail through the tropical blue waters while sipping a cocktail and enjoying the views of idyllic white sandy beaches and gently swaying palm trees. Drinks served on the floating bar is a speciality of this unique water experience.

If you fancy a dip, the team on board can lead you on a snorkel through some of the underwater nature reserves of this area. If you are feeling fatigued after the day’s adventure, relax in one of the comfy hammocks and make the most of the floating bar.

Speed boats/party boats

For an extravagance at speed on the water choose a speed boat is the answer. Offering the chance to cut through the waves at high speeds and create your own waves, speed boats certainly deliver on adrenaline.

Scuba diving & swimming with dolphins and sharks

Scuba diving lets you see one of nature’s most magical spectacles of wildlife and get close up and personal with dolphins and sharks. A truly immersive and astonishing underworld experience, which cannot be replicated any other way.

Wild Buggy Eco Adventure from Punta Cana

Dominican Republic’s lush landscape is full of natural resources and there’s a great  experience through the forest available. This will take you to the organic farm, where you can taste the special coffee, chocolate, and rum.

From there you can head to the Taino Ecological Park followed by Macao Beach. The beaches are the centres to relax and enjoy and to take a dip in freshwater. Besides, the place is good for shopping as well.

Take a day trip to Saona Island

Saona Island

Soana Island (c) yvonneschmu

For a daylong adventure, take a speedboat to the beautiful island of Saona off the coast of Punta Cana. Your dinky speedboat will take you via a natural swimming pool where you can spot starfish – since 1975 the island has been declared a protected area to help protect this species.

Once you reach the island, take a leisurely walk on the beach and enjoy a relaxing swim in warm Caribbean Sea. This is also a great opportunity to sample some delicious Dominican fare such as Habichuelas Guisadas (stewed beans) and Mangú, a uniquely Dominican dish consisting of mashed plantains, usually served with eggs, fried Dominican “salami” and Queso Frito (Fried Cheese).

If you have time, take a trip to the fishing village of Mano Juan, the only inhabited portion of the island. The colourful shacks look like something from a postcard and will provide with plenty of Instagram opportunities.

Snorkel through the spectacular barrier reef on an epic marine tour

Green turtle

(c)Kris-Mikael Krister

Punta Cana is famous for marine life and is teaming with tropical fish including Yellow Stingrays, Parrotfish and the adorably named Trumpetfish (so named because their mouths resemble the mouth piece of a trumpet). Endangered species include the graceful Green Sea Turtles, who have lost much of their nesting habitat all over the world.

The marine tour begins on a double-decker catamaran and you’ll sail to some of the best areas to spot marine life. Once you’re in your snorkelling gear, it’s time to discover the spectacular barrier reef. The experience also includes an interactive marine show where you can watch sharks and stingrays. The marine tour is family friendly and also includes unlimited drinks.

Parasailing Cruise from Punta Cana


(c) Joe deSousa

If you are feeling adventurous and want to try something a bit different, you can book a half-day parasailing tour of Punta Cana. Parasailing is a recreational kite activity where you are towed behind a vehicle (in this case a boat) while attached to a specially designed canopy that looks much like a circular parachute. This exhilarating experience will provide you with some fabulous panoramic views of Punta Cana as you fly 150 meters above sea level.

Plantation Safari Tour and visit to Monkeyland

Squirrel Monkey

(c) Rob Osborne

Take the kids out for a day out on a plantation safari and visit to Monkeyland deep in the jungle of Punta Cana. Start the day with a safari truck tour that takes you through coffee and cacao plantations, with some spectacular mountain views. Learn about organic farming methods and taste freshly picked tropical fruit.

Next you will visit Monkeyland, which is famous for squirrel monkeys. Set in five acres of forest and countryside, visitors can interact with and feed the squirrel monkeys, and observe the mothers as they carry their infants on their backs. As well as the monkey sanctuary, visitors can explore the pretty botanical gardens. The whole experience takes approximately five hours.

Horseback riding

Horse riding can prove a great way to take in the world away from the constraints of technology. A genuine moment to reconnect with nature. Whether an experienced rider or keen learner, Punta Cana offers a unique landscape to enjoy an activity of leisure.

Feel the taste of Chocolate and Coffee of Punta Cana

Book a trip into the jungle and pamper yourself by tasting the best chocolate  and coffee. The journey of the Dominican Republic’s lush jungle is full of natural beauty. Nature’ lover will enjoy the thrill and beauty of the place along with the drive and rum at a plantation.

About Club Med All Inclusive

Clearly Punta Cana is the ideal location for both relaxing and once in a lifetime experiences. With accommodation for either novices or experienced individuals, why not try something new—whether it be activity or stunning location. An all-inclusive holiday gives you a perfect base from which to travel out, whether the beach, inland or an island, but it is important to find the balance that will make your holiday perfect for you. ClubMed resorts let you determine how best to spend your time, and ensure that your dream holiday is perfect for you. Give Punta Cana the chance to become your new favourite location, and take in what it has to offer.





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